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Little Knowledge about Chinese steam cooking method:


In China's Yellow River Valley, early steam cookers made of stoneware have been found dating back as far as 5,000 BCE. Steam is employed extensively in Chinese cuisine for both simple and luxurious dishes. 


Steam isn't just cooking over boiling water. There are different temperatures of steaming, from a gentle simmer to a rapid boil. Textural excellence, an essential part of Chinese cuisine, requires the use of a temperature appropriate to the main ingredient. There are two forms of steam - dun (indirect steam) and Zheng (direct steam). 


For indirect steam-Dun, ingredients are put in a tightly covered vessel, placed on the support in the wok or large pot, with water about halfway up the sides of the vessel. The exception is where the Yunnan pot is used. The latter, a squat ceramic pot with a narrow central vent that allows steam to gently bathes the ingredients within, is set above the water level.


With the Zheng method, ingredients are not covered and thus exposed directly to steam. There are two types of direct steam: qin zheng (or clear steam) cooking times are shorter, about 10 minutes. "Qin zheng fish" is one of the jewels of classical Cantonese cuisine. This dish is all about showcasing the natural sweetness and smoothness of flesh of the fish. The fish has to be absolutely spanking fresh. Cooked only with shredded ginger and finished with a light soy sauce and oil dressing, there is nowhere for any imperfections to hide. The slightest hint of 'fishiness' or deterioration in flesh quality will come screaming through in the final dish. 


And fen zheng where the primary ingredient lightly coated with tapioca or rice flour before steam. The latter method is used with pork and chicken: the flour coating "protects" the meat during cooking so that it remains velvety.


Chinese Steam Cuisine

At The Hummingbirds Kitchen

Nov 30 Friday

Dec 1 Saturday

6:30 PM

$65 per person

(Gratuity is not included in the price)


Sold Out


For waiting list, please email to  





Steamed Hunan Style Eggplant Salad



Tofu Skin with Celery Salad



Steamed Garlic Shrimp with Glass Noodle



Seamed Fish with Ginger Soy Sauce



Steamed Curry Chicken in Bamboo Leaf



Steamed Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper



Broccoli with Shrimp Paste



Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Rice Powder



Steamed Ginger Milk Pudding



Malai Cake





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