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About Linda

Linda Huang
Linda Huang, chef and owner of the Hummingbird's Kitchen brings authentic Chinese cuisine in Bozeman, Montana. Linda is originally from Shanghai, there she was surrounded by family who celebrated the art of cooking and eating. Her father and grandfather were lifelong chefs, and at a young age she learned all about cooking. She brings to Bozeman her heritage, her experiences and her love of cooking Chinese meals. Linda's most important tip when it comes to creating the best flavors in her dishes; freshness is paramount.
Hummingbird's Kitchen started out in a small studio space at the Emerson Cultural Center in 2013. In April 2014, Linda moved into a larger studio and private dining space on Lincoln Street. There she continues to cook her families recipes and is always creating traditions of her own. For Linda, cooking with the freshest ingredients is her number one priority. Linda loves bringing people together and when she's not cooking for her private clients; you'll still find her in the kitchen, cooking for friends and family.


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