Mala Xiang Guo(Spicy Dry Hot Pot)

  • Mala xiang guo is the dry version of hot pot. It takes the flavorings and ingredients of mala Sichuan hot pot and stir-fry the speices with meats, veggies, sesafood. tofu.....


    Mala Xiang Guo is essentially a stir-fried Sichuan hotpot of multiple ingredients cooked twice, with strong complex mala flavors. It originated in Chongqing, and has become one of king dishes for both group dining and home cooking all across Sichuan and Chongqing. The main ingredients can be any meat, seafood, poultry and none-green vegetables, simply precooked by either blanching in simple broth or quickly stir-frying, and then stirred all together with variety of mala seasonings. It blends numbing, spicy and dry fragrant tastes in one palate-pleasing shot. 


    Ingredients: beef, shrimp, pork belly, broccoli, lotus root, tofu skin, wood-ear mushroom, cauliflower, sichuan perppercorn, frementd chili bean sauce, speices, chilis. 


    Spicy leve: spicy but not enough to make you cry.


    Allergies: wheat, soy, shrimp

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