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The Hummingbirds Kitchen Ginger Tea Concentrate is made from select grade ginger blended with a touch of unrefined Chinese brown sugar. 


Ginger is known to increase the body's energy level and is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory — a boost to your immune system also aids with nausea and indigestion.


Chinese brown sugar is healthier and tastier than white processed sugar. Unlike processed sugar, Chinese brown sugar contains potassium, iron, calcium, and other minerals.


The benefits of ginger tea:

It's great for smoothing cold symptoms and sore throats.

It can help with motion sickness and to calm an upset stomach.

Many Chinese women drink ginger tea during their periods because minerals like iron and calcium can help ease the tension and discomfort during menstruation. 


How to use the concentrate:

Mix 1 tbsp ginger tea concentrate with 1 cup warm water. We like to drink ours in the morning, but it's great for any time of the day. One jar makes about 25-28 cups of tea.


Use as a topping for pastries and dessert. Eat with Scones, on Toast, or add it to a smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. The combinations are limitless. All you need is a few tablespoons of the concentrate, and it will bring a delightful ginger sweetness to your homemade cookies, salad dressing, pork marinade, ice name it!




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