Chinese New Year Pop-up Dinner

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be hosting two pop-up dinners in January!


With that being said, I will be changing the way you can secure a spot for these dinners. It has been quite overwhelming with how quickly the spaces fill up online. I am SO incredibly grateful for the interest in my dinners and I cannot express in words fully what it means to me to feel so supported by this amazing community.
Back in 2013, I started my little kitchen at a tiny studio in the Emerson Art Center and it was just a studio with no kitchen. I was cooking pop-up dinners in the hallway with a camp stove. I also didn’t have a proper website or online payment system, the technology wasn’t there....! All my dinner bookings were made through emails, and I had great digital conversations with my guests before the dinners and I felt that I already knew everyone when they walked into my studio. It allowed me to feel  a special bond with my customers before meeting them in person. A few years ago, as my business grew, and as technology advanced - online booking systems became more popular. While having a web presence and platform helped my business grow, it feels as though an invisible wall has grown between me and my guests. As my dinners began to become more popular, it became more difficult for people to join my dinners. I am often told that it’s hard to get a seat for my dinners and it makes me feel so bad whenever someone tells me that they have waited a very long time at a chance for a seat, and every time I announce my meals they are still unable to get in any of the dinners.....
Like for many businesses, 2020 wasn't an easy year. 2021 is better,  but many aspects still make me uneasy. I am so lucky to have kept my business going and growing. It is because all of you who have supported me through my pop-up and private dinners. For 2022, I am more confident that I will be able to host more pop-up events and I want more people to have a fair chance to join the dinners. 

So for the Chinese New Year pop-up dinners, I'll be changing things up with bookings.


The menu will feature a 9 course meal and the menu will be revealed upon arrival.

(Please note that we will not be able to offer any food substitutions for any allergies with the exception of dairy). 


The dates for my January pop up dinners are:
January 28 at 6:30 pm and January 29 at 6:30 pm

The price will be $85 (please keep in mind that this price does not include gratuity, and anything you chose to give at the night of dinner is greatly appreciated by my staff)!


Thanks in advance! 


Chef Linda Huang

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Thank you for your interest! We will contact you on Dec 21 if you have successfully booked the dinner!

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